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wire transfers

With Guthrie Federal Credit Union, it's simple to send or receive a wire transfer.

To receive a wire transfer to your account at Guthrie Federal Credit Union, please provide the sender with the following information:

Wire to Mid Atlantic Corporate FCU

Address: 1201 Fulling Mill Road,
Middletown, PA 17057
ABA #: 231387550

Further Credit To Guthrie Federal Credit Union
Address: 104 N Elmer Ave, Sayre, PA 18840
Account #: 231388494

Final Credit to
Members Name:
Members Account #

There is No Fee for incoming Wire Transfers

To send a wire transfer from your account at Guthrie Federal Credit Union, please contact the receiving institution for their incoming wire transfer instructions. They must provide you with information such as: 

  • Financial Institutions Name,
  • Physical Address (No P.O. boxes) and Phone number,
  • ABA routing and transit number,
  • "futher credit to" instructions if an intermediate institution is used before the funds reach their final credit account.

You will also need to provide:

  • "Final Credit to" (Receivers) name
  • Account number
  • Physical address (No P.O. boxes)

Wire Transfers to Foreign Institutions must also include their U.S correspondent bank information, the IBAN, Swift, or BIC as applicable.

All out going wire transfer requests must be made in person at a Guthrie Federal Credit Union Location. We do not permit outgoing wire transfer requests to be made over the phone, via email, or fax for security reasons.

Outgoing wire transfer, domestic: $15
Outgoing wire transfer, international: $35